POSM with Braille

We believe that our latest technological solution will make the commercial space more friendly for the blind and visually impaired. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office in Poland  there are about 1.8 million visually impaired people and as much as 100 thousand totally blind!    The idea came up when we were handling a project for blind people in 2019. We were not technologically prepared. The effect of the convexity of the point lettering was obtained by repeatedly applying varnish drops in the UV digital printing technology. Then, in cooperation with the Polish Association of the Blind in Krosno, we tested the legibility of the inscriptions - explains Natalia Ciuba, marketing specialist at BIMAX.   Our latest technology is based on the installation of acrylic and metal balls in the substrates used in the production of POSM. Especially in plastics (PVC, HIPS, PMMA), wood, HPL, MDF, HDF, Dibond. POS materials on which you can successfully implement advertising content in Brailla include: displays, price strips, wobblers, advertising ties, stands, presenters shelfliners, trays, gravity feeders, price cards.   This is a big revolution and hope for better shopping quality for the blind and partially sighted. These people more often choose smaller stores, where it is easier to ask an employee for help. Marking products or shop alleys would definitely make it easier to navigate in commercial spaces, and above all, would contribute to increasing the independence of people with visual impairment, says Sylwia Mańkowska from the Rehabilitation Center of the Typhology Institute of the Polish Association of the Blind.
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Working capital subsidy for BIMAX Print Sp. Zoo.

Project objectives: Project support for the provision of patent support support that addresses the solution of the COV-19 epidemic. Financial aid granted on the basis of program no. ARE. 57015 (2020 / N).

Planned results: Maintaining the business activity. Project value: PLN 100,939.53. European Funds: PLN 100,939.53