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100% recycled HIPS

Light, durable, resistant, has good thermal and mechanical properties and high impact strength. These are the main features that determine the high popularity of plastic in the POSM industry. Today we present the latest feature of HIPS available in the BIMAX offer: ECOLOGICAL Yes, the HIPS offered by Bimax is 100% recycled. In addition, it is primary recycled. The material comes from the processing of waste from the production process. (Our HIPS is not used, recovered, cleaned and recirculated. Its surface is white, smooth, and without inclusions. HIPS processing technologies in Bimax: screen printing, UV printing, linear thermal bending, gluing, gluing, milling.

POSM in harmony with nature

How many trees would have to be cut down in order to make a batch of 500 playwood displays? How does it affect the environment? Does it touch our sense of security and concern for our planet? By implementing projects with Bimax Print, you can be sure that the balance of the ecosystem remains intact. Our certification ensures that for each tree that is cut down for a production of POS items from wood or carboard, a young sapling is planted in its place. FSC and PEFC accreditation The FSC and PEFC certification audits took place on the 22nd of March this year. We passed them both successfully. The event was preceded by much discussion, preparation and training at all levels whithin the organization. Thanks to these accreditations, you can rest assured that the wooden materials, from which we make POSM comes from legitimate sustainable source. Anxiety and concern for our natural environment disappear when the partner and supplier is Bimax Print !!! Responsible purchasing Awareness and knowledge are important when considering a purchase. The decision-making process should take into account social and environmental aspects. The Earth as a planet has resources that are defined. Over-exploitation could lead to a global catastrophe. The transnational environmental policy regulates the common-sense use of forest resources. The Forest Steward Ship Council is an international, non-commercial organization, which was established in 1993,and protects the balance of forest management on a global scale. On the other hand in Europe, the PEFC (Panel for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) supervises the correct exploitation of our forests. Having FSC and PEFC certificates gives us great satisfaction as a company. At the same time, it enables our clients to perform POSM in harmony with nature and respect for forest resources.

POSM with Braille

We believe that our latest technological solution will make the commercial space more friendly for the blind and visually impaired. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office in Poland  there are about 1.8 million visually impaired people and as much as 100 thousand totally blind!    The idea came up when we were handling a project for blind people in 2019. We were not technologically prepared. The effect of the convexity of the point lettering was obtained by repeatedly applying varnish drops in the UV digital printing technology. Then, in cooperation with the Polish Association of the Blind in Krosno, we tested the legibility of the inscriptions - explains Natalia Ciuba, marketing specialist at BIMAX.   Our latest technology is based on the installation of acrylic and metal balls in the substrates used in the production of POSM. Especially in plastics (PVC, HIPS, PMMA), wood, HPL, MDF, HDF, Dibond. POS materials on which you can successfully implement advertising content in Brailla include: displays, price strips, wobblers, advertising ties, stands, presenters shelfliners, trays, gravity feeders, price cards.   This is a big revolution and hope for better shopping quality for the blind and partially sighted. These people more often choose smaller stores, where it is easier to ask an employee for help. Marking products or shop alleys would definitely make it easier to navigate in commercial spaces, and above all, would contribute to increasing the independence of people with visual impairment, says Sylwia Mańkowska from the Rehabilitation Center of the Typhology Institute of the Polish Association of the Blind.
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Bimax & elderberry

Our company is the sponsor and contractor of the plaque that describes the winner of the "Tree of the Year 2019" competition. The black elderberry growing in Rzeszów charmed thousands of Poles. What is so special about it? The plant is over 200 years old and has a tree-like form, which is a rare form of this species.      In the New 2020 Year, the elderberry will represent our country in the international European Tree of the Year poll. The BIMAX crew keeps their fingers crossed and encourages Internet users to follow the fate of elderberry on the international arena!
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Bimax in New York?

Not! New York in Bimax! New device, new benefits for our customers! We execute the first orders on the new SEG KEDER velcro sewing machine. By combining the capabilities of the device with the UV digital printing technology, we are able to make printed advertising panels with replaceable graphics for our clients in a format up to 3200 x 1600 mm! Additionally, the print can be enriched with LED backlight! Such an advertisement will be noticed! Find out about it! Benefits for our clients: Quick and easy installation, Low cost of delivery and storage, Textile materials, environmentally friendly. Max size 3200 x 1600 mm The ability to quickly change the graphics depending on the goods presented or the season. The possibility of two-sided exposure of graphics, Firecracker effect - the ability to illuminate the print.
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Working capital subsidy for BIMAX Print Sp. Zoo.

Project objectives: Project support for the provision of patent support support that addresses the solution of the COV-19 epidemic. Financial aid granted on the basis of program no. ARE. 57015 (2020 / N).

Planned results: Maintaining the business activity. Project value: PLN 100,939.53. European Funds: PLN 100,939.53