About us

About us

Our market success and clients’ trust are firmly based on dedicated customer service and best quality practise. We adopt this approach in everything we do. 

Our business began back in the year 1996 on the porch of a private house. Today, we are a well-established company with over 60 employees. We possess the largest machine park in south-eastern Poland. Our office and production facility covers an area of more than 2,400  square metres.
All our processes are based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Every stage of the production process is supported by a quality team who ensure that the finished product conforms to our clients’ needs.  

We undertake the most difficult of projects that require extensive knowledge and experience.

For the past 17 years we have been creating colour profiles for digital large-format printing machines. We also utilise hybrid printing. Our clients receive true Pantone screen printed colours combined with the photographic quality of digital printing. We employ full-colour (CMYK) screen printing and are able to make high and low-temperature waterslide decals.


Our mission is to create added value and offer the interdisciplinary knowledge gleaned from years of experience working with a multitude of suppliers and clients from many different areas of industry and to transfer this to our clients.


We  remain an integral part of the success of companies for which we provide comprehensive business solutions.

Bimax is a reliable business partner

Perfect quality
Safety and comfort
Creativity and innovation
Exceptional business relationships
Natural economy

Natural economy

Friends of the environment

Based on eco materials

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Based on ISO 9001: 2015

Quality control at every stage

ERP System

ERP System

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Comprehensive business solution

Technical support

Technical support

Interdisciplinary knowledge, R&D support

Competitive edge



Fully-trained and highly competent

Outstanding service



Our company goal and  long-term development strategy is to achieve high economic efficiency, whilst protecting the environment and taking into account the requirements of clients, shareholders and employees alike. We are based on the assumption that customer satisfaction is a key pillar of the company's stable operations. We achieve this goal by applying  our philosophy to all products and services we offer. We obtain this effect by:

  •  Constant improvement of the Quality Management System based on the current requirements of ISO9001, customers,  stakeholders, relating to the company's operations.

  • Process quality management and measurable goals to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the Management System.

  • Compliance with any applicable law, Customers, interested parties and our own.

  •  Application of constant improvement of process and manufacturing philosophy to all aspects of our business 

  • Constant monitoring of the market and response to customer needs.

  • Involvement of all employees in quality activities and systematically raise the level of their qualifications.

  • Rational resource management in order to optimize production costs.

The achievement of these goals is guaranteed by the knowledge and conscious implementation of the Policy by all employees.

Approved by: Janusz Czajka PZ-1.1.F01 rev. 01 May 9, 2016


We pay special attention to  the social interests, environmental sensitivity and above all the needs of our employees.



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Working capital subsidy for BIMAX Print Sp. Zoo.

Project objectives: Project support for the provision of patent support support that addresses the solution of the COV-19 epidemic. Financial aid granted on the basis of program no. ARE. 57015 (2020 / N).

Planned results: Maintaining the business activity. Project value: PLN 100,939.53. European Funds: PLN 100,939.53