Bimax in New York?

Not! New York in Bimax!

New device, new benefits for our customers!

We execute the first orders on the new SEG KEDER velcro sewing machine. By combining the capabilities of the device with the UV digital printing technology, we are able to make printed advertising panels with replaceable graphics for our clients in a format up to 3200 x 1600 mm! Additionally, the print can be enriched with LED backlight!

Such an advertisement will be noticed!

Find out about it!

Benefits for our clients:

  • Quick and easy installation,
  • Low cost of delivery and storage,
  • Textile materials, environmentally friendly.
  • Max size 3200 x 1600 mm
  • The ability to quickly change the graphics depending on the goods presented or the season.
  • The possibility of two-sided exposure of graphics,
  • Firecracker effect - the ability to illuminate the print.
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Working capital subsidy for BIMAX Print Sp. Zoo.

Project objectives: Project support for the provision of patent support support that addresses the solution of the COV-19 epidemic. Financial aid granted on the basis of program no. ARE. 57015 (2020 / N).

Planned results: Maintaining the business activity. Project value: PLN 100,939.53. European Funds: PLN 100,939.53